We were blessed to be invited to crew onboard Manna in May of 2015  for the most amazing 36 day journey. We started in St. Thomas, USVI and ended in Florida.
The purpose of the trip was to bring needed supplies to some of the small islands in Haiti that are only accessible by boat. We also helped at one of the schools which is sponsored by the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti. Manna’s water-maker provided much needed water to the residence. I was so deeply touched by the wonderful Haitian people and so grateful to be part of this Humanitarian voyage.
Crewing on Manna had so many advantages. The members of this journey were all scuba divers and Captain Wayne provided many opportunities to dive. We dove in Haiti, the Cayman Islands, and Dry Tortuga. Manna’s dive compressors kept us topped off with air! Emily booked us on an Air Boat tour through the mangroves in Naples, Florida. Fast, thrill seeking ride (until the rudder broke)! But getting towed back in was also fun!
Without a doubt, it was obvious that Wayne and Emily wanted the crew to be very comfortable and well fed. The food was amazing and our accommodations could not be beat. Even though we all took turns preparing meals, Emily seemed to enjoy feeding us all so well (even her special desserts). We were able to use the washing machine for our clothes and bedding. The dish washer, microwave, and Keurig coffee maker were a huge treat (not available on the other boats I have crewed on).
Wayne and Emily’s competence made me always feel safe. They are both very skilled sailors and mechanics. I was never worried, even when we had a period of high wind and seas. They are both so calm and even tempered. One time on my watch, I woke up Captain Wayne because of a concern I had. He was not upset and did not make me feel dumb with my (turned out to be) silly question.
We have grown deeply fond of Wayne, Emily, and Manna. I hope to be invited to crew again.

Karen and Sandy